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Top 8 Dr. Oz Approved Authority Health Websites and Online Symptom Checkers


Top 8 Dr. Oz Approved Authority Health Websites and Online Symptom Checkers

You certainly know who Dr. Oz is. Well, Dr. Oz constantly tries to help regular consumers to gain knowledge about their health and to live healthier lives in general. If you are looking for information about any health issue, there are many different sites that you can check for symptoms, treatment options and other information and many of these are recommended by Dr. Oz.

  1. CDC The CDC or Center for Disease Control is a great site to get information if you are planning to travel out of the country. You can learn about what diseases you may be susceptible to and what shots you will need prior to traveling.
  2. Ready.gov Ready.gov is a government site that gives you information about emergencies and all types of natural disasters. Learn how to prepare for these emergencies and what specific steps you can take in the event that you face an emergency.
  3. InnerBody InnerBody gives you a detailed look at human anatomy. This is a fun site that is great if you are really interested in what makes a body work and it gives you diagrams of all the organs and anatomically correct maps of the body.
  4. WebMD WebMD is a great site for learning about symptoms, treatment options and other information for all sorts of sicknesses, injuries and diseases.
  5. Mayo Clinic The Mayo Clinic site is similar to WebMD. It gives you lists of symptoms and other information about sicknesses and injuries.
  6. ShareCare ShareCare allows you to input any medical question and a team of medical experts are available to provide answers to those questions. You can learn about things like weight loss and fitness, healthy eating and a number of other health concerns.
  7. Medline Plus Medline Plus is a good place to learn about a variety of medical procedures and treatment options. They also have a great section on medications including herbal treatments and supplements.
  8. Pharmacy Sites Pharmacy sites like Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and others offer information about prescription medications. If you are concerned about side effects of a specific medication, you can look up that medicine and learn everything you need to know before you take it.


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